Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm alive!

I have not posted forever! I am alive! My family is all alive too! Well the last time I posted was for Halloween! So, I got a motor scooter for Christmas! It is AWESOME! But it wont work so we have to call the Razor company! Well I just got back from San Diego! We went to Sea World and the beach and where some ships are! We went on the Pirates Of The Caribbean Ship! It was so cool! It wont let me post pics but if you look on my Facebook there are some!


KewlMomma said...

Nice blog u got here! Good luck on the scooter ;)

Aislinn said...

Cool blog! Do you have a spot where I can follow? :) If you update more! Kidding! Haha.
Aislinn :D

afnan magi said...

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